Cory Lattuca

Experience: 11 years

Restaurant: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Title: Executive Chef

Specialty: Italian Cuisine

Education: Scottsdale Culinary Institute

Recommendations: Bourbon & Bones, Andreoli’s

“I had two incredible women that inspired my love of food. My grandmother was a little old Italian woman. She lived in a house with a kitchen on the main floor but the real cooking happened on an ancient stove downstairs in the basement. At a young age, I was put in charge of the sauce and my earliest cooking memories are standing on that chair, stirring that sauce.

My other grandma was a French woman from Mississippi. She loved fresh seafood and we used to trek down to the gulf and catch our own. I’d watch her make some incredible gumbos, stews and etouffees. I grew up tasting some of the most incredible southern and Italian food. How can that not inspire a lifetime love of food and cooking?”