Brett Vibber


Restaurant: Cartwright’s Modern Cuisine

Title: Executive Chef & Owner

Specialty: American


Recommendations: Nobuo at Teeter House

Brett knew at an early age of his gypsy blood and desire to cook. With a bug to travel and an unmatched passion for cuisine and culture the search was on to find the best restaurants and chefs in the country and world. Landing at distinguished restaurants stateside such as Roka Akor and Vintabla and Merulana in Rome and Pizzeria Zeppelin in Spoleto, Italy. As well Brett has lent his expertise to a number of Food and Beverage programs in Panama City, Panama and Los Angeles. Returning to the Valley of the Sun brings him full-circle and allows him to infuse his wide lens of flavors and methods into Cartwright’s unique menu. “I could not be happier,” says the chef, whose own personal background brings authenticity to his work. “I am an Arizona native, gone for sometime, the dream was always moving back to showcase my travels and experiences through food and culinary culture”.